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Submit your abstract

Get ready to submit your work! Abstract submission is open to students enrolled in a Medical or Medical Sciences course and to medical interns / residents (physicians in training). In order to submit your abstract you have to register, log into your account, go to the “Submit your abstract” tab and follow the instructions there.

Important dates

Late December

Abstract Submission Starts

27 February (23.59 GMT+2) 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline

Early March

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

17 March (23.59 GMT+2) 2017

General Payment Deadline

The person submitting the abstract must be the one who plans to present it (the “Presenting Author”). A given abstract can be submitted only once. One participant may submit (and therefore present) a maximum of 2 abstracts. You can submit your abstract even if it has been submitted to or presented in another conference.

There can only be one presenting author for each submitted abstract. There can be only one scientific coordinator for each submitted abstract. Any other doctors, university and medical staff and / or researchers that had any contribution to the abstract can be enlisted as co-authors. There is no limit for the number of coauthors concerning a submitted abstract.

The abstract must not exceed 300 words. While filling the Abstract Submission Form, please do NOT use special characters or diacritics. At the end of the form, you will need to define the Keywords, which will not be taken into consideration when counting the words.

After you submit your abstract, you will still be able to edit it until 27 February (23.59 GMT+2) 2017. You can use the link received in the confirmation email to edit your abstract. Only the final version will be taken into consideration.

Co-authors who wish to attend our conference will be able to do so only as Passive Participants (the Terms&Conditions that apply to Passive Participants are applicable).

Depending on the subject of your article, you must send it under one of the following categories:

  • Fundamental Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Surgery

If your abstract is:




then you must have the following structure:

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

1. Objectives

2. Case Presentation

2. Methods and Materials

2. Background

3. Discussions

3. Results

3. Methods & Materials

4. Conclusions

4. Results

5. Conclusions

Our scientific committees will evaluate all the abstracts. The members of the committees will be specialists from each of the three categories (Fundamental Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Surgery). The review process will be double blind, which means that both the reviewer’s and the author’s identity are concealed from each other.

Accepted Abstracts will be announced on our website in early March 2017. Our scientific committees will decide not only if the abstract is accepted, but also how it will be presented: as an Oral Presentation or as a Poster Presentation.

An Oral Presentation is a 7-minute talk accompanied by a digital support prepared by the participant. A Poster is a graphic presentation of the research on a sheet of paper. For more information on how to prepare your Oral Presentation or Poster, visit the Sessions page and the Tips & Tricks page.

With all the changes we made to our booking process, there are some things you need to know before submitting an Abstract. There are two options - you can:

1. Pay the Presenting Author Fee before the Abstract Submission Deadline (27 February 2017)

In this case, you pay the Presenting Author Fee (25 EUR / 115 RON) first, so that you can book a Workshop. You will be able to book a Workshop as soon as your account becomes active and you must book it before 21 March 2017.  

By paying the Presenting Author Fee before the Abstract Submission Deadline, you assume full responsibility for submitting an abstract before 27 February (23:59 GMT +2) 2017. Please note that if you do not submit an abstract, any Workshop booking gets cancelled, your account becomes inactive and you do not get a refund.

When we announce the list of accepted abstracts, if your abstract got accepted, you do not have to pay any additional fee. If your abstract did not get accepted, you may still attend the conference as a Passive Participant. In order to do so, you have to pay an additional fee of 15 EUR / 70 RON (so that in the end you will have paid 25 EUR + 15 EUR = 40 EUR / 185 RON).


2. Pay the Presenting Author or Regular Fee between the Abstract Submission Deadline (27 February) and the General Payment Deadline (17 March 2017)

Please note that you don’t have to pay the Presenting Author Fee in order to submit an abstract. If you submit an abstract, you can postpone the payment until after we announce the list of accepted abstracts, but you won’t be able to book your Workshop during this time. If your abstract gets accepted, you have to pay the Presenting Author Fee (25 EUR / 115 RON) before 17 March 2017 (23:59 GMT +2). If your abstract doesn’t get accepted, you have to pay the Regular Fee (40 EUR/ 180 RON) before 17 March (23:59 GMT +2) 2017. After you pay, you will be able to book a Workshop as soon as your account becomes active and you must proceed to book your Workshop before 21 March (23:59 GMT +2) 2017.